Sport Enhancement

Sport enhancement training involves aerobic and anaerobic activities, strength training, agility, speed, and flexibility training, and core strengthening, as well as specific movements geared to the sport you are pursuing. This type of training is useful for young athletes, as well as adults participating in recreational sports.

What is involved?

  • Small group or individual classes available
  • Sport-specific programming is developed for the individual/group
  • Cross training incorporates different modes of activity
  • Assessments performed to determine muscle balance
  • Emphasis on strengthening hips, abdominals, and back muscles
  • Work on mobility and flexibility
  • Timing is usually 6-8 weeks prior to start of season

Who is sport enhancement training for?

  • Athletes in organized sports
  • Athletes training for special events - marathon, triathlon, etc
  • Ages 13 and up
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