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At Crater Fitness we focus on functional fitness for real life. We offer a variety of classes suitable for all ages and fitness levels. We'll meet you where you are in your fitness journey and take you where you want to go with group or individual training.

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Crater Fitness has been rolling with changes since March 2020. We have been transitioning back to our regular, pre-pandemic schedule but many indoor classes also include an option for live Zoom or a recording.

In-Studio Classes

fall 2021 indoors

Zoom Classes


Outdoor Classes


Personal Training sessions now available!

Jennifer has a few openings for personal training clients. Call 563-419-7018 to claim a spot!

Current Class Offerings

Crater Fitness and Pilates Fusion Services are offered in groups of 1-10 athletes. Everyone is welcome to join us indoors when you are comfortable. The CDC has clarified that fully vaccinated people are safe to participate in indoor, high intensity exercise classes, without wearing a mask. Those who are unvaccinated should take preventive measures by wearing a mask and providing distance between others. Please review our complete statement here: "CDC Guidelines after your vaccine"

Currently, we are offering in-studio classes and outdoor fitness groups. Select classes also have the option to participate via Zoom or to receive a Zoom recording.

Use the links below to access Class schedule Oct 2021COVID-19 waiver, and  current class prices

Crater Fitness invites you to train for “real” life! We’ll meet you where you are – at your fitness level, at your comfort level, at your energy level … the door is open!

Our Services

Group Classes

Group classes are the core of what we do at Crater Fitness. We offer a variety of classes that will meet your needs whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or are looking for a challenge.

Personal Training

Personal training is one-on-one training with a certified professional who can guide you through the process of reaching your fitness goals. People at all levels of fitness can benefit from indvidual training.

Sport Enhancement

Sport enhancement training involves general fitness training, as well as specific movements geared to the sport you are pursuing. This type of training is useful for young athletes and adults participating in recreational sports.


See What our Clients Have to Say

I love Jennifer's classes! Jennifer knows when to push you to work harder, lift heavier or when you need to back off or modify. She's always attentive to any issues your body may be having and offers great suggestions so you may still get a good workout in. I've met so many nice people by taking classes two days a week! Get your sweat on!

Denise B.

Jennifer makes sure our class is a good workout, but it's also FUN!


These exercises test every part of the body. I have improved!  Jennifer is very accommodating to anyone who has special physical issues. 

Ruth C.

Very knowledgeable, great motivator and true inspiration. Believes we are all athletes wherever we may be on our journey. Jennifer is the BEST!!

Jennifer J.

Jennifer is very passionate about fitness and helping her athletes reach their goals! She is a great instructor!


Excellent at working with all ages and fitness levels. Positive approach with all who take her classes. Extremely, extremely knowledgeable about how to take us from our present level of fitness to a better level of fitness.


I love working out with Jennifer. I get a great workout in only a 1/2 hour! many of the exercises we do, I've never seen, and I've been actively working out for a long time. The Saturday classes are great - reasonably priced and you just go when you can. 

Karen H.

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