The Well Yoga

Instructors: Heidi Rockweiler, Angela Leuenberger, Charis Hovden

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Sunrise Power Flow with Heidi
Take a journey through class where you'll begin slowly, to wake your body and connect with your morning. You'll venture into flowing yoga poses with functional movement and begin to focus on your body, breath and muscles. Ending class, you'll transition to stretch your muscles, calm your mind, and reset your nervous system. Positive and upbeat, leave feeling inspired and motivated as your day begins to unfold!

Yoga Tones with Angela
A unique and perfect blend of yoga's physical and mental practices, with lightweight or bodyweight strength training intermingled throughout. An uplifting, all-levels class, Angela's great personality and music will guide and encourage you, entirely at your own pace. Leave feeling refreshed, strong, and ready to conquer your day!

Yoga Flow w/ Charis
A wonderful, all-levels class, allow yourself opportunity to slow down, focus on movement and alignment, while connecting your mind, body and spirit. With a splash of gentle balancing and twisting, Charis (and her love of daily affirmations) will allow time to focus on you and your well-being. You'll end with calming poses to reset, and leave feeling centered and focused!

  • To register for/cancel out or a class, Text Heidi at 563-419-2408
  • Payment made to Heidi (cash, check or Venmo) $10/class
  • Venmo: @Heidi-BabbRockweiler (please use an image of your favorite-colored heart in the comments section)
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