COVID 19 Information

Updated: May 1, 2020

What I want Decorah athletes to know from Crater Fitness(formerly True Fitness). We are a fitness studio offering one-on-one and small group fitness instruction. We question if it is the right time to step foot IN-Studio? We have the “go ahead” from the state of Iowa and the county to allow people to carefully begin their workouts In-Studio. Now, more than ever we value our health, strength and cardiovascular fitness. I understand there are athletes on both ends of the readiness spectrum. You must do what you are ready for and comfortable with.

Crater Fitness will be following a new Code of Conduct . All of which answers our IN-Studio questions. I have joined together Outdoor Fitness groups again and I’m offering Zoom classes in Full Body Strength and Integrated Flexibility that athletes do from your home. I will meet you where you are, at your fitness level, at your comfort level …. when you are ready.

To find out what classes are going on TODAY – go to the Class Schedule page.

To learn more about Personal Training options during this time, contact Jennifer.

Please join us SOON!

~ Jennifer


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